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Overhaul and Scheduled Maintenance

Just like a car needs an oil change, a watch at some point needs an overhaul. This is the nature of mechanical devices. Regular maintenance is important to keep your timepiece running on time. If required, I will carefully disassemble and diagnose your watch, movement and all components necessary. I will clean, replace or repair worn or damaged components using genuine parts and apply oil/grease according to the manufacturers technical specifications.

After careful reassembly I will do a thorough recalibration, timing and test phase.

Watch Repairs

Sometimes winding your watch won’t get it ticking because there are underlying mechanical issues that need to be addressed, or replacing a battery simply will not do the trick. I am classically trained in the art of Horology (Watchmaking) and can diagnose the underlying issues and let you know exactly what is going on with your watch, before performing any repairs. Estimates are free!

Come by the shop and have your watch checked out. We are in Newtown next to the Newtown Athletic Club!

Battery Replacement and Water-Resistance Testing

I can replace batteries on most brands, from Timex, Patek Philippe and Rolex! Yes, Patek and Rolex also make battery powered watches! I primarily use top of the line Swiss RENATA batteries, to ensure your watch maintains ideal operation without voltage fluctuations.


  • The second hand on the watch is beginning to skip a few seconds (indicates a low battery)
  • The watch has completely stopped running
  • The watch is losing time
  • The digital display and/or light on the watch is beginning to fade
  • Some of the features stop working on a digital watch

Don’t Forget About The Reseal (Water-Resistance Testing)

Resealing will ensure your watch is resistant from any type of dust and moisture. I am equipped with the latest Vacuum / Pressure technology and tools to ensure your watch gets the proper testing and care to guarantee it will not get any foreign particles or moisture in the movement where it shouldn’t be. Contact me to find out more about the benefits of resealing your watch.

Crystal Replacement and Repair

The watch crystal is an integral part of the look and function of any timepiece. Crystals can easily become damaged from accidental impact, repetitive scraping and every day wear. A broken or scratched watch crystal can be unsightly and if not properly fitted can allow moisture and/or debris to accumulate within the watch and compromise its function.

I am able to source genuine crystals and crystal gaskets for most watch brands and install them to factory specifications. Some vintage watches have special shaped Acrylic crystals that need to be custom cut, which I offer as a service as well.

Polishing and Refinishing

In addition to mechanical servicing and repair, I also offer polishing and buffing services for all watch cases and jewelry, to remove minor surface scratches and to restore each piece to its original luster. I use Menzerna fine polishing compounds and state of the art tools, equipment and work within strict guidelines utilizing techniques and quality standards issued by the watch/jewelry manufacturer.

I also execute case and bracelet repairs which are carefully performed to exact measurements and specifications using state-of-the-art laser welding equipment.

Servicing All Brands

Below is a list of a few classic brands I repair:

  • Rolex Watch Repair
  • Tag Heuer Watch Repair
  • Breitling Watch Repair
  • Cartier Watch Repair
  • Jaeger LeCoultre Watch Repair
  • Omega Watch Repair
  • Patek Philippe Watch Repair
  • Audemars Piguet Watch Repair
  • IWC Watch Repair
  • Corum Watch Repair
  • Ebel Watch Repair
  • Movado Watch Repair
  • Piaget Watch Repair

And MUCH More


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